Astroid v0.6 released / 23 Jul 2016
tags: mail / astroid / notmuch / c++ / gmime / gobject-introspection / libpeas

Astroid ( v0.6 is now ready!

Astroid is a lightweight and fast graphical threads-with-tags mail user agent for notmuch. Written in C++ using GTK+, WebKit and gmime.

Astroid can be found at: :

$ git clone

README with screenshots and information on building and using

once you get Astroid running press ‘?’ to get a list of keybindings for the current context.

Astroid - in search

Tour and usage

Changes since v0.5

  • Use any editor (general XEmbed support in edit-message window): Emacs works.

  • Plugins: Python and Lua plugins can now be made, parts of ThreadIndex and ThreadView are exposed allowing extesion of the user interface and advanced customization. Check out the plugins available at GitHub.

  • Crypto: GPG encryption and signing is added. Decryption and and signature status is shown in greater detail.

  • Repository moved to

  • Thread-view: Search email text using ‘C-f’

  • Synchronize maildir flags if so configured in .notmuch-config.

  • Signatures: Include per-account signatures (either included or attached).

  • Saved searches: Save a search with ‘C-S’, then browse saved searches and stats with ‘C-f’. You can also browse search history using Up and Down in the search-bar.

  • Colorful tags: Tag background color is calculated based on MD5 sum and normalized to within a configurable range. The same tag will therefore always have the same color.

  • Thread-index: load all threads in the background.

  • All actions requiring write-access run in the background and wait for any reads to finish. All read operations need to wait for any ongoing write-operations to finish. All write-operations are therefore asynchronous and non-blocking. Read-operations will only block on long write operations.

  • Tags can be modified on multiple marked threads with + and -.

  • Modify tags on single message, they are updated in thread-view and thread-index.

  • Keybindings modified to be more common #171.
  • scss: fix #82: make all variables global.
  • C-d / C-u / Page in thread-index: Page and move cursor in thread index.
  • Special keys like Tab and Home can now be used in user-keybindings.
  • M. Dietrich: clock_format=year option to use clock format from this or previous year setting in thread-index.
  • M. Dietrich, G. Hope: Background color in thread-index configurable.
  • M. Dietrich: Use correct reply-to address for mailinglist-messages.
  • Gravatar is configurable.
  • #103: Drafts are saved on force close or quit by default.
  • C-v: duplicate and refine query.
  • Mark thread moves to next by default.
  • ti: set cursor to first thread if we are at first thread when new addition is made.
  • build: –disable-libsass: do not depend on libsass, but use a sass compiler at build time (-scss-compiler=sassc).
  • Quote lines for reply and forward are formatted with Glib::DateTime::format().

Thanks to:

Hugo Roy Franz Fellner M. Dietrich Max Mehl