Astroid v0.5 released / 06 Feb 2016
tags: mail / astroid / notmuch / c++ / gmime

Astroid v0.5 is now ready!

Astroid is a graphical threads-with-tags mail user agent for notmuch. Written in C++ using GTK+, WebKit and gmime.

This release includes a lot of changes and improvements from several authors, including increased customizability and many new features. See below for more details and observe debug output for changed configuration options.

Astroid can be found at: :

$ git clone

README with screenshot and information on building and using

Astroid - in search

once you get Astroid running press ‘?’ to get a list of keybindings for the current context.

Tour and usage

There is now a tour of how to set up, customize and use astroid at:

Changes since v0.4

  • C-f: Toggle flat or indented view of messages.
  • C-i: Show remote images (cid-type images are not supported yet).
  • A-#: Page to # page.
  • Add gravatar support
  • M-p: Toggle auto poll.
  • C-j / C-k: Jump and scroll to next or previous element.
  • thread-index: C-Enter: open thread in new window.
  • Add popup menu with some actions for the thread-index.
  • Fix #23: Don’t crash when message file is missing.
  • Fix #25: Load html and scss from config/ui directory if present.
  • Fix #25: Allow some parameters of the thread_index cells to be configured.
  • Move ‘expand all’ in thread view to C-e.
  • Save drafts with ‘s’, discard them with ‘D’, edit them with ‘E’ from thread index or thread view.
  • Edit messages as new with ‘E’.
  • Added a dinosaur.
  • Configurable keybindings in ~/.config/astroid/keybindings.
  • Show name of pre-defined searches in tab.
  • Tab: jump to next unread thread.
  • X: Force close tab.
  • C-s: Cycle through sorting the thread_index (default configurable)
  • Configurable sent-tags (per-account and global)
  • Allow messages to be sent as attachments.
  • Hugo Roy: Fix licences to be correct for borrowed stuff.
  • Franz Fellner: Fix some long standing annoying bugs.
  • Use ‘,’ as separator for ‘for_tags’ in config, not ‘;’.
  • Hugo Roy: Refurbished thread-view theme and move to scss processing, your custom thread-view.css needs some attention.
  • Franz Fellner: Clean-up coding style and name-space pollution.
  • Hugo Roy: Made a tour of setting up astroid in the wiki.
  • Print message with C-P and print marked messages with t+p.
  • Run-hooks: Run user-defined shell hooks on keypress using keybinding configuration.
  • Franz Fellner: Integrate with notmuch config, read available options from there. You might have to update some of the affected configuration options.
  • Thread index: only use bold face on authors of unread messages.
  • Startup queries are invincible.
  • q: ask to quit, Q: quit right away.