Gnome Schedule 2.1.5 released / 03 Sep 2011
tags: python / python3 / gnome / gtk+ / gnome-schedule

New release of Gnome Schedule 2.1.5.

This is a quick update from 2.1.4 adding new translations. Here the complete log.


2011-09-03 7603a10 Gaute Hope Release 2.1.5 (HEAD, RELEASE-2-1-5, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master) 2011-08-29 b9bc5eb Gaute Hope Delete po/ChangeLog, git log is used instead 2011-08-26 a958d19 Daniel Mustieles Updated Spanish translation 2011-08-24 c577fca Mario Blättermann [l10n] Updated German translation 2011-08-23 b1aea0e Gaute Hope Update po after addition to 2011-08-23 b2eeba8 Daniel Mustieles Fix bug 657139: src/examples/ missing from

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