Gnome Schedule 2.1.4 released / 22 Aug 2011
tags: python / python3 / gnome / gtk+ / gnome-schedule

New release of Gnome Schedule 2.1.4.

This release has scripts for exporting and importing tasks and disables the GNOME panel applet by default since this is not supported in GNOME 3. It can be enabled by the –enable-applet option. Also included are updated translations. See the complete log for differences since RELEASE-2-1-3.


2011-08-22 3dcf26f Gaute Hope Release 2.1.4 (HEAD, RELEASE-2-1-4, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master) 2011-08-22 5f46ae0 Gaute Hope New scripts, update-po 2011-08-22 7382775 Gaute Hope Add export and import scripts to POTFILES. 2011-08-21 0c64693 Gaute Hope Dont ignore XMLs, refine ignores 2011-08-19 a07edc0 Gaute Hope Update AUTHORS 2011-08-19 0a7b6ed Gaute Hope Export and import scripts for scheduled tasks 2011-08-19 247f309 Gaute Hope Update README and TODO 2011-08-19 cce2099 Gaute Hope GNOME applet disabled by default, with option to enable 2011-07-29 c337516 Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio Added Basque language 2011-06-12 18fa5c1 Gaute Hope Revert "Fix gettext error for easy crontab task" 2011-06-12 325c94e Gaute Hope ignore generated scripts 2011-06-12 26ed4ae Gaute Hope Fix gettext error for easy crontab task 2011-06-11 97e9290 Gaute Hope Update po and ignore pot 2011-06-10 5826385 Gaute Hope Dump at tasks as well in 2011-03-01 11755b0 Daniel Nylander Updated Swedish translation

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