Gnome Schedule 2.1.3 released / 29 Jan 2011
tags: python / python3 / gnome / gtk+ / gnome-schedule

New minor release of Gnome Schedule 2.1.3.

This contains updated translations - and a configure script that tries to avoid Python 3 (since PyGtk does not support it), complete log, untill RELEASE-2-1-2.

2011-01-29 9354232 Gaute Hope Prefer Python 2 since pygtk doesn't support Python 3 yet. 2010-12-29 43bc77f Daniel Nylander Updated Swedish translation 2010-12-02 99baccf Lucian Adrian Grijincu Updated Romanian translation 2010-10-22 5a94b29 Matej Urbančič Added sl for Slovenian translation 2010-10-22 817a1dd Matej Urbančič Added Slovenian translation 2010-10-09 5e073e0 Gaute Hope Rename and add proper copyright notice

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